February 19, 2011

Ending the Fast with Vodka O

“Imagine what 28 alcohol-free days can do for your waistline, your wallet and your liver! Press the pause button this February, to take a month off the booze and make a healthy start to the year ahead.”

Feb Fast is an event that raises money to support youth experiencing drug and alcohol issues. You take 28 days off the booze and get sponsorship. $1.7 million dollars have been raised so far through this initiative. You can read more about it here. It is a wonderful program and my hat goes off to all those partaking in Feb Fast this year.

Mr Woog and I quite often spend a bit of January talking about doing Feb Fast, but we usually change our mind on the second of February. But we think about doing it. Does that count for anything?

Two members of my family have had experiences with Feb Fast and I share with you their stories. First up is my older sister Mrs Ryan, whose husband does Feb Fast every year.

I am a massive fan of Febfast. I look forward to it every year, and was an enthusiast even before it became an official month of no alcohol, but of course am not inclined to partake in the slightest.

My enthusiasm stems from the laws of supply and demand.

There is a reduction in demand for quality quaffing wine (as lets face it, Bourbon drinkers never do Febfast), and therefore supplies increase and prices decrease. I am able to buy a $20 bottle of sav blanc for $15. Go Febfast.

Mr Ryan does Febfast. The bottle of sav blanc does not have to be shared with him. Go Febfast.

Mr Ryan has a corresponding reduction in his waistline, making him fitter to mow the lawn and do other household chores. Go Febfast.

Thank you Mrs Ryan and yes...... Go Febfast! PHROAR!

You remember my Dad? And what is his take on Feb Fast? Let's find out.

Ever attempting to be fashionable, the Wicked Stepmother (WSM) and I decided to be abstemious (at least from fermented and spirituous liquor) in February 2007.

I had mistakenly thought that Febfast was an invention of devil dodgers, tree huggers, basket weavers, do-gooders and wowsers. Before continuing, I acknowledge that there is a purer motive - the awareness of alcohol abuse in the community, and I do not wish to trivialise that!
That aside, my everlasting recollections of our Febfast included:

• Long periods of silence and awkwardness between the WSM and myself
• The almost total alienation of our circle of friends
• Loss of hand-eye co-ordination at Saturday golf
• The shock on the face of our cats Lucinda and Tiger when I arrived home early
• Gazing longingly at my Licensed Sailing Club from the my verandah in the evenings
• Watching our mates happily lurching home to their loved ones whilst we were mournfully sober

• The startled look on the face of the Monday morning garbage collectors when they were confronted by a pile of Diet Bundaberg Ginger Beer bottles instead of the usual Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Shiraz collection
• The loss of approximately 890 grams weight between us in the month
• The unfortunate temporary laying off of a number of casual staff members at Dan Murphys Liquor Barn for the month of February
• The scintillating taste of the first bitterly cold Carlton Draught on 1st March 2007

My conclusion? Nice experience to have ticked off the Bucket List, but economically irresponsible in terms of Australia's Gross Domestic Product and National Employment levels.

Thanks for that Dad. You cannot knock it till you've tried it I suppose....

To celebrate the upcoming end of Feb Fast, Vodka O has given me 3 bottles of their smooth, organic vodka to give away! Well, they have actually given them to me, they will hang onto them and send it directly out to winners to cut out the possible chance of taking a swig here.

Vodka O is Woogsworld's Vodka of Choice. It is full of organicky goodness and is 100% Australian Owned. If you are over 18 and an Aussie resident, enter!

Simply leave a comment on this post about why you want to try Vodka O. Or a tale about Feb Fast. Or a cocktail recipe. Or pretty much anything to do with this post. Apart from comments on Mr Ryan's physique.

You can have an extra entry if you are a twitter-holic. Leave an extra comment letting me know you have tweeted this giveaway.

The most creative entry will win a bottle of Vodka O and a limited edition WoogsWorld T-Shirt. (limited as in it is the last one left!)

Then 2 other entries will be drawn by Random.Org and will receive a bottle of the smooth stuff delivered to your door.

This giveaway will be announced on WoogsWorld on Monday 28th February.

Thanks to the cool dudes at Vodka O. And congratulations to all those taking part in Feb Fast this year. Next year, Mr Woog and I will think about beginning to talk about perhaps considering doing it as well.

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