December 12, 2010

Tool of the Week

I am often questioned how I can continually come up with content for this blog. I have no idea. It just happens. But sometimes things pop up which make my task a little easier. And selecting a Tool of the Week is probably the easiest task ever.

Case in point, Eamon Sullivan.

I was faffing around on Twitter last night as I listened to the Fireworks outside my window, heralding the glory that is Ms Winfrey. So I was reminded again that I did not get tickets. Sad.

But then this popped up onto my screen. A tweet from Lara Bingle.

@MsLaraBingle Bad taste!!! @Eamon_Sullivan (with a photo attached.)
Eamon Sullivan is a swimmer, famous for once dating the biggest drongo in the pool, Stephanie Rice. Now Miss Rice lost all sorts of sponsorships due to brainless moments when she typed "suck on that fa**ots" during a rugby game a few months ago. So you think swimming types would learn a bit of PC behaviour. Or at least start thinking.
So this was the photo Ms Bingle tweeting, and made me see red.

Being blotto at a party makes no excuse for taking the piss out of Breast Cancer. I certainly have never smiled and laughed through a mammogram. It is scary and uncomfortable. And necessary when you find a lump in your breast.

So Eamon next time you have to attend a fancy dress, go and hire yourself a donkey costume. Because you are an ass.

And Congratulations of achieving the gold medal status of Tool of the Week!

Do you agree? Or am I being too harsh?

Till then,

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