September 23, 2010

Memories of the Mundane

I was lying in bed last night flicking through the photos I have taken on my iPhone. Quite often on of the Woogettes will get their grimy hands on it and take a thousand photos of random objects which renders me furious. Once Harry took a photo every ten seconds of the tv during an episode of Ben 10. (that Gwen gives me the shits I tell you!)

But then I realised I was also guilty of taking random shots, and here is a few I thought I would share.

Quite a lot of shots revolve around food

Harry and I have a new tradition called Mango Sunday. Here is H hooking into the first one of the season - it was a bargain at $5.99. Suck that seed baby.

Now this little triptych involves me taking my pal Mrs Finlay on a trip to the Benefit Boutique. You know Benefit? I am constantly talking about them. I have offered to work for them and be paid in lip-gloss but so far have come up nadda. Anyway, I talked her into a brow arch and tint. She looked a little sus here while Bianca starts to work her magic...


RESULT! Lovely. Please go treat yourself to a session in the cutest boutique in the world.
Raj (left) has the most amazing eyebrows I have ever seen. He is a bloody scream and proud to be the only male Benebabe in Australia (apart from the MD). Bianca travels up from Wollongong every day, such is her dedication to the eyebrows of furry Sydneysiders. And while you are there, make sure you meet Tiffany, the sexiest make up artiste around. But if you cannot get there, call Raj and have a chat. Worth the price of the call just to hear how he answers the phone. 02 83535000

oh, now here are a few cute shots of a Woogette with the new son of the Divine Ms M.
That baby is soo fricking cute I tell you.

This little contraption found it's way back to WoogsWorld,
signalling the early onset of Mr Woogs Mid Life Crisis.

More Food - Pizza Olla are going to cater at my next wedding.

What would result if I had a rampant affair with Elton John and found myself with child.

So thank you for coming on a tour of my photos.
Time to delete them and record some more memories of the mundane.

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