January 21, 2010

Howard and his cool Storage World

I am obsessed with organising. I love Ikea. I love love love Howard and his cool Storage world. I hate pulling out the bottom jumper at a shop and the whole stack falling over. I like order and knowing where my shit it. I am not a cleanaholic ( although I do like clean). I like organised.

I have a few friends who are similar. Heaven is going over to borrow an item of clothing.

One friend has a whole room in her house dedicated to her "stuff" and has set it up like a shop - complete with chandelier, chaise lounge, french wire mannequin and open faced wardrobes, which line every wall. I love going in there and sitting on her chaise with a cup of tea watching her show off her new purchases.

I do not have a lot of "stuff"" Like my friend Mrs Zoe - I am continually editing my shit and constantly try and keep it confined to my pitifully small built in.
I learnt this from Mr Woog, who says if it does not fit into his antique cedar gentleman's wardrobe, he does not need it. If his black shoes are wearing out, he replaces them. I however have 8 pairs of black shoes, to select from, therefore never needing to replace them.
If this were my wardrobe, things would be looking a lot less shambolic for sure. If the occasion calls for a blue cami, i go to the blue top section and flick through until i find what i am after. It makes it easier to find things, easier to put clean clothes away and easier to try and justify the fact that clearly i have a major OCD tendency.

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